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Projects & Patents

These pages highlight a few of the projects I have been instrumental in and go into more depth on their interesting features than is possible in the resumé. However as I cannot cover them all, do have a look at the resumé and if there is anything in there of interest then contact me and I will go into more detail for you. Also here are links to the patents of which I am the inventor. These are from Espacenet interface to the published patent application databases of the UK Patent Office and others.


: Railways, track circuits, analogue design, filters, innovation.
: VHDL, obsolete component replacement, miniaturisation.
: High power density, analogue design, innovation.
: Embedded software, real time, assembler, code optimisation, innovation.


: Fail safe isolated voltage detector. Analogue design.
: Fail safe current detector. Analogue design.
: Active termination transceiver track circuit. Railway system design.
: Active impedance bond. Railway system design.
: Fail safe digital data testing (aka ROM Maze). Digital design.