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I hope you find these programs useful. I wrote them to meet my own need of course. Printer changer is probably not so much use for Windows 7 as that now displays the date which was the biggest benefit to me of printer changer (I just combined 2 functions I needed in one program). ToDo list and phonebook I still use daily even on Windows 7.

  • Printer Changer V4.00 (151k) {Screen Shot}. The program sits in the Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K tray and makes it easy to swap printers. As a plus it can also display the date and it attempts to position itself next to the time.
  • Phone Book V1.06 (192k) {Screen Shot}. As the name suggests this is phone book and dialler. I wrote this to use an old modem (1200 Baud!) I had as a dialler as I could not find a program that would work at 1200 Baud. This will work at 2400 and 9600 as well. It works on Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/Win7, I have run it 9x/Me/XP and now on Windows 7 (although my old modem now is 56k, that's progress). It has some interesting features like tabs for grouping names, sorting and others.
  • ToDo list and Calendar V2.03 (Win95-XP) (15k) {Screen Shot}. This program is a simple ToDo list and Reminder program. Unlike all (?) other such program this one is a html page and makes use of Windows Active Desktop. The list and calendar is thus always available on the desktop. Active desktop was a part of Windows 95 to XP and I used it on 98/Me/XP. ToDo items are always shown but Reminders only appear 7, 14 or 28 days before they are due (selectable). Each item has a tick box for when it is done. Tick the box and ToDo's are gone. Reminders, if their monthly increment is not zero, are set to the same date + monthly increment. Hence Reminders can be set to be monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.. The calendar section shows 3 months at a time, clicking left month scroll back, click the right to scroll forward, click the middle to go back to today. Weekends and UK holidays (including Easter) are shown in red, and annual leave (or other important dates entered in) are shown in green.
  • ToDo list V1.00 (Win7) (36k) {Screen Shot}. For Windows 7 the ToDo list becomes a gadget. It also splits into 2 with the Todo list being one part and the calendar a separate gadget. You can install either or both as they are now independent. Functionally the Win7 ToDo list works much the same as the previous version, except you can now have any look ahead period rather than having a fixed choice.
  • Calendar V1.00 (Win7) (22k) {Screen Shot}. This is the second part of the Windows 7 version of ToDo list, the calendar gadget. You can install either or both as they are now independent. Functionally it is identical to the previous version showing weekends and UK bank holidays in red (even working out when Easter is). Any days programmed on settings page show up in green and the current day is highlighted in yellow. The calendar can be scrolled forward (right panel click) or back (left panel click) or reset to current month (centre panel click).
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