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  • A simple and free fix for those annoying over bright blue standby lights on home electronics (TV, Stereo, Set top box, etc.)
  • Proof that 24/7 heating can be cheaper under certain conditions. And from that derive rules for lowest heating costs.
  • A collection of mail problems with fixes. Included are mail server blocking/unblocking, mailgun, postfix anti-spam and spam-assassin configuration.
  • How to backup and restore a website VPS using free Webmin/Virtualmin with s3cmd and Amazon S3 storage.
  • How to compare configuration files (aka ini, config, setting, preference) where line order does not matter using a freeware program.
  • Walk through on getting a free class 1 SSL cert from StartSSL and then installing that on a Webmin-Virtualmin VPS. Plus renewing certificates.
  • How to install a central copy of phpMyAdmin on a VPS running Webmin-Virtualmin for hosting (root) user. Plus enabling https for extra security.
  • A howto on building a VPS on Digital Oceans to host 3 websites. Uses free Webmin/Virtualmin on Ubuntu. Detailed steps for Linux novices.
  • The Panasonic DMC-FZ200 camera in a Case Logic TBC-406 bag.
  • Soft lens cap for Panasonic DMC-FZ200 camera to save taking lens hood off and on.
  • Calculator to show the true cost of permanent employee in uk.
  • Results of rooting a Nook Simple Touch and Nook Glowlight to create a e-reader for epub (so can borrow from UK libraries) and kindle books.
  • Flow rate result for a shower using Aqualisa Colt (Opto Themo replacement) using a low water head (~1m to water level, ~0.6m to tank base).
  • Satisfied Full Circuit customers kind recommendations (aka references).
  • How to get a perfect finish on cut tile edges.
  • Full Circuit's VHDL tool - add on to excel to create complex test benches. Leverages excel's features to give powerful functionality.
  • List of Malcolm Reeves (Full Circuit's director and a chartered electronics engineer) example projects and patents.
  • Full Circuit service - a wealth of experience in "right 1st time" bespoke electronics designs and software from a chartered engineer.
  • TMS9902 replacement in VHDL using 3 chip-scale BGAs and IC size PCB for low cost, low volume.
  • Another challenge design problem, a constant current drive for am aircraft LED lamp, 70W dissipation in a 20x30x12mm volume. Right 1st time.